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Issue 39 - June 2013
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Look For The Perth Mint’s LBMA Registered Mark For Quality Assurance

The Perth Mint is accredited by the London Bullion Market Association as a refiner, weight master and assayer. It is the most widely recognised and respected accreditation in the precious metal market.

To maintain our status with the LBMA, we must demonstrate on an ongoing basis that our refining and assaying standards meet the highest standards.

Accordingly, The Perth Mint is listed by the LBMA as an accredited manufacturer of gold and silver Good Delivery bars which are accepted in the London bullion wholesale market.

Retail investors can be assured that the same weight, purity and integrity standards apply across our entire product range, including small bullion bars for retail investors, which are stamped with The Perth Mint swan logo, our LBMA registered mark.

Read more about our bullion accreditation.

Perth Mint Accredited Gold and Silver
It is impossible to create 100% pure bullion. For this reason, the purity of gold is generally described in one of two ways.

The ‘carat’ is purity measured in units of 24, such that 100% equals 24 carat and 50% equals 12 carat. It is most commonly used in the jewellery trade.

For bullion, refiners and dealers use either percentages or fineness (fine being another word for pure).

A clear explanation of purity for anyone new to buying precious metals, including the most common purities to look out for, is now included on The Perth Mint website under our new Research section.

99.99% pure gold bar

Metal Price Chart


Metal Price Chart

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